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Die Leserbriefe in Robert Whitakers Blog sind sehr wichtig. Zusätzlich gibt es dort auch einen Filmhinweis und dazu gibt es auch wichtige Leserbriefe.
Robert Whitakers Blog

Zu dem Film "White Supremacist Banner Removed From Overpass":

In den nachfolgenden Kästen findet sich eine Auswahl der Leserbriefe, zunächst zum Blog, dann zu dem Film.

#1 by shari on 02/03/2014 - 11:15 am
Anti-white cover is BLOWN. Every time we say GENOCIDE, they only scream racist because they can't hide that they are pushing GENOCIDE.

#5 by TheRanged MartialArtist on 02/03/2014 - 6:59 pm
Most anti-Whites are just approval seekers conditioned to give the same responses over and over. ….

#6 by AnotherOne on 02/03/2014 - 8:30 pm
The Mantra is a short sword and BUGSERS form a phalanx.
The Anti-White regime is finally starting to crumble. If you watch the anti-Mantra video from LipTV you can see at 45 seconds into the video when the Anti-Whites stop reading from their script and start having a brief discussion with each other that they are talking about nothing. Nothing. Just some jibber jabber that makes no point at all.
This video also proves Jason's point further. "White Supremacist" is in the title, "hate" is mentioned a couple times by the Anti-Whites, and they put up an image saying "racism" in the background. The Anti-Whites have no proper consistency. They're all over the place and even sound random when they talk about a "recession".
(Das ist der oben genannte Film).

#9 by DennisK on 02/05/2014 - 7:39 am
We will always have an advantage.

Our argument, by its very nature gives us an advantage they could never have. The reason they use suppression if speech, intimidation, jail, humiliation etc is because they simply can't get any other advantage. They can't get what we have. An argument that concord's reality and human prejudice.

A baby is born racist. From day dot nature vindicates us. Each new baby is born on day dot, fresh with natural racial bias.

So anti's have to run as fast as they can just to stay in the same place. It costs a lot of money and time.

#11 by DennisK on 02/05/2014 - 7:27 am

I've realized now why when I first read the mantra it appealed to me. I would in the past have put it down to being simpler, more straightforward and easier to defend than arguments about IQ, crime, social cohesiveness etc. This is not the case.

The mantra, when it comes to White Genocide is a clear, pure statement of "I DON'T WANT THIS". It was pure "I DON'T WANT THIS" which first made me oppose multiracialism in the first place. I then set about finding the 'justification' for "I DON'T WANT THIS", which was in the end, unnecessary and a waste of time. Back then, the battle against the anti-white was selling a model of decision making. Nietzsche, and Spinoza, whom Nietzsche thought highly of, thought that underpinning decisions isn't a free will, but biology and mechanics, what we now call genes. Science is now vindicating their position, showing that we have far less free will than we thought and are less in control of our rationality that we thought. It is even possible we have no free will at all. Scientists have found a way to tell what a persons decision will be moments BEFORE the person thinks they've made the decision. We invent morality and find rational and reasoned justifications after the fact of our decision, to frame our unconscious decisions in a moral way and if necessary, delude ourselves.

The Mantra is just our genes way of reproducing themselves. We think we are thinking, being rational, but in reality it is largely illusion. Our decisions are prejudice, which is why even rabid anti-whites live in all-white suburbs. The anti-white then looks towards the intellectual to create the words which frame their pro-white bias in an anti-white context. Perhaps there is NOTHING except what our biology compels us to do. Wordism therefore refers to what we invent to cover this and promote ourselves to our peers, another biological imperative.

But it only provides a thin veneer. It is genes saying "I DON'T WANT THIS", or its corollary, "I WANT THIS" that underpins everything. There is not much else, not at the highest levels of religion, or in economics, or in academia or philosophy. One of Bob's blog entries about a physics student who's life was paralyzed because he had reason but no emotion made me wonder if there is anything but emotion at all in decision making.

How can one even begin to rationally make a decision weighing up the pros and cons, unless one first decides why something is a pro or a con in the first place? Capitalism beat Communism because it had a grain of an "I WANT THIS" component that Communism didn't have.

Anti-Whites and us I think agree that when it comes to the white race, it is "I WANT THIS". Why else do fervent anti-whites live in all white areas? But anti-whites can't say this, so they invent words to convince people they think otherwise. I think now that rather than actually thinking different, they have the same biological imperative they are perhaps unconscious of. The will to obey that imperative however is stronger than the will to deny it and maintain that denial as an intellectual position.

So I can now see how our victory may pan out. Not just due to our efforts, but simply because the will behind genes is stronger than the will behind that manufactured 'rationality' and anti-white ideology. Our victory wont be a bang, but a whimper. It wont be through a parade or triumph through an electoral fight or gunfight or "Der Tag". We will remain relatively alone. It will be an anti-climax on a forgettable day. It will be the anti-white, after his 10,000th iteration of trying to get away with just using "racist" throwing his arms up exasperated in front of his computer and just saying, in their usual passive aggressive way, "I give up. You racists disgust me".

People will then begin to realize they can say "I WANT THIS" and "I DON'T WANT THIS" regarding matters of race that they couldn't before, and from that all else will follow.

Die beiden obenstehenden Beiträge von DennisK sind ausgezeichnet.

Nachfolgend einige Leserbriefe zu dem genannten Film.

bohemianhvor 2 Wochen
White areas have the best schools, highest home values, best stores, more order, low crime and other such desirable traits. While white flight from minority areas, results in social decay, to the point US cities look like third world places.

Laurentius Timbervor 1 Woche an +Spitfire995
well, all of Europe's military is useless since it's under commando of NATO, which is run by the US. And the US is run by the Jews... so we all know that the military hierarchy doesn't give a crap about Europeans, they simply do what organized world jewry tells them.

herbstwettervor 2 Wochen
I think it's offensive that these "news anchors" are white only and pretty good looking. In my opinion we need an obese Transgender anchor and a black hood rat, just to balance their whiteness a bit out.

Fuck™GooglePlusvor 2 Wochen
More of these banners are showing up because more people are waking up to the fact that America is ruled by a foreign, hostile, alien, parasitic - I'll just say it - JEWISH regime that HATES white, Christian Americans and everything we stand for.

paul Smithvor 2 Wochen
So objecting to the genocide of your own people is now considered hate speech. Even the dystopia depicted in Orwell,s 1984 wasn't this perverse.

John Croomevor 1 Woche
If current trends continue, then in 50 years time, Japan will be 99% Japanese, Nigeria will be 99% Nigerian, Mexico 99% Mexican, and so on throughout the non white world, but historically "white" nations, such as the UK, France, Sweden, the USA, will have white minorities, and our white descendants living there will be in thrall to non-white majorities, be they black, Asian, Hispanic, whatever, and will have lost the security, freedom and identity that comes from being the majority in their own ancestral homeland. This is manifestly unfair.

whitey Interestsvor 1 Woche
Liberals and conservatives are both idiots. Partisans are not critical thinkers. I remember Bush supporters doing exactly the same thing when someone challenged their views. All of the politicians of the West are globalists because the jew banker media mob only allows globalist sociopaths access to high political office. Blaming only liberals is dumb.

Jack in the boxvor 1 Woche
Notice how these two useful IDIOTS never explain WHY the mantra is bad. They just spew buzz words like hate speech. They never even attempt to debunk the mantra itself.

slash thirtyvor 2 Wochen
Whites are awakening. It begins!

Michael Masonvor 2 Wochen
Tolerance is the last virtue in a dying society. -Aristotle
Take that to heart, people.
White Pride and Nationalism is on the rise as more people are waking up to just how bias and corrupt the system is. Its funny, and a bit sad, to see these anti-white, whites trying to defend the system the have wholeheartedly bought into.
Times are a changin' and tomorrow belongs to us.

Spitfire995vor 2 Wochen
Our vision of tomorrow already belongs to us. Being ready to make the right choices already means that our future is secure. Most people don't give about us? We don't give about them at all. Our people will always be around, you got that right, except not in the way that you wish (partial genetics in a mixed race humanity), we will have our own homeland where our people are the only inhabitants.

Uzumaki Narutovor 2 Wochen (bearbeitet)

I don't think alot of white people hate being white. I think alot of them are conditioned to the point where if something isn't all inclusive, then they fear being called racist for not accommodating everyone.

Its like that stupid controversy of changing 'Merry Christmas' to 'Happy Holidays'. No reason to do so other than some people feeling guilty that something that doesn't include everyone is wrong. Doesn't matter that Jews or Muslims don't have to change their holidays to include everyone, for some reason whites are the only ones that feel guilty if they aren't all inclusive, instead of being happy that we have our own customs and traditions that should be celebrated by us.

And if people of other cultures want to join in our celebrations let them, but we shouldn't have to ever change our traditions and values etc to accomodate them though.

GhostintheMachine202vor 2 Wochen
The Russians and Chinese don't have to do a thing to become the worlds next supper power, but stand aside and do nothing.

The USA is destroying itself at a ever accelerating rate. Americans paid hundreds of billions for all those nuclear missiles and submarines to protect this country from other nations of the world, but did nothing to protect the USA from the 'enemy within'.
It is interesting to live in the present time and watch the American people destroy their own great nation. I wonder how much longer it will take to gut this country.
Ha ha hahaha.

DrVunderbahrvor 2 Wochen
White supremacist? How about concerned Caucasian citizens not wanting their people and culture to be trampled into the dust by hordes of less than intelligent third world hordes?

Bill Yeahvor 2 Wochen
I dont think this has anything to do with hating anyone. White males built Western Civilization and now for some reason were supposed to sit silently as pathetic traitorous politicians import the entire third world into our nations?

This mass immigration diversity agenda is an all out assault on the identity of Western Civilization.

Do you people who live in an alternate reality think the white Christian male is going to be disenfranchised and ruled by some coalition of Jews, gays, Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, etc?

This is the very beginning, better get used to it.

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