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William Luther Pierce.
The Psychology of Political Correctness.

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The Psychology of Political Correctness.

Eine sehr klare und in sich stimmige Rede von Dr. William Luther Pierce.
Ich habe sie von youtube aufgenommen. Dabei habe ich die englischen Untertitel eingeschaltet. Diese werden wohl vom Rechner erzeugt, sie sind nicht ganz genau, aber sie sind eine sehr gute Hilfe zum Verstehen des Textes. Ich habe die Rede oftmals angehört und ich versuche, den Text in englischer und in deutscher Sprache wiederzugeben.

Diese Rede von Dr. Luther Pierce ist ein geschichtliches Zeugnis von hohem Wert. Sie verdient es, daß sie aufbewahrt wird und weiterverbreitet wird. Sie stammt aus dem Jahr 1997.
The Psychology Of Political Correctness. - Dr. Pierce --- SaraCHAXI --- 159 Videos
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Ich habe auch eine andere Rede von Dr. Pierce übersetzt
The New World Order. 1997

Alle gesammelten 308 Radio-Ansprachen von William Luther Pierce
im "Internet Archive - Universal Access to all Knowledge".
Collection of 308 broadcasts by Dr. William Luther Pierce, former physics professor and founder of the National Alliance, from a program called American Dissident Voices


Dr. William Luther Pierce:
The Psychology of Political Correctness. 1997

Hello, today I´ll talk about something I had spoken about earlier
but it is very important and it is worth talking over and over.

And that is having the courage to speak up for what we believe.

Courage of this sort, moral courage, always has been important,
but now, with the enemies of our people pushing hard to silence
any opposition to them ot their destructive policies
by enacting new legislation
against what they call hate crime and hate speech
moral courage is essential to our survival.

Today we have a president who is running around the country trying to drum up support
for a repressive program of legislation
he says is necessary to pull America together and achieve racial harmony.

And he is telling the groups to which he speaks
that they don´t have much longer to wait before there will be a non-white majority in America.

And then the white racists, the haters, won´t be able to cause any more trouble.

Mr. Clinton actually is gloating that soon there will be a truly multi-racial America,
an America without a ---quote--- dominant European culture ---unquote---.

He is gloating about this and many of his audiences are gloating with him
and cheering him when he says this.

All we have to do now he tells them
is keep the racists under control with new laws
until we get rid of this dominant European culture

and many of the audiences who is cheering him
when he says this
are white students and faculty members at American universities.

It is a trendy fashionable thing these days to be anti-white.
It is fashionable to let everyone know how much you despise
white people and European culture
and how much you admire Africans and Indians
and Jews and Orientals and Mestizos
and how superior you believe their cultures to be
and how much you look forward to see them to become the majority in the United States.

I remember witnessing the beginning of this fashion
when I was a university student myself back in the nineteenfifties
and then a professor in the nineteensixties.

What I noticed first back in the nineteenfifties
was the pressure to make the universities more democratic.

That is admit a great many more students
The argument were that the universities was to elitist
that rich kids went to the prestigious private universities
and thereby earned a ticket to an easy and prosperous life
while working-calls kids were denied those opportunities.

This argument was pure baloney.
I was a poor kid myself but I had applied myself
and won a scholarship to a prestigious private university
as have many of the other students at my university
That was Rice University in Texas.
There has not been a time at least during the past sixty years
where a student with real scholastic ability
was kept from getting a good university education in America
by having no money.

Anyway, the anti-elitists began prevailing by greatly increasing the number of curricula.
Subjects that really are more appropriately taught in trade schools or
perhaps as high school electives became the basis für new university curricula.

We used to joke about courses in basket weaving or golf or fly tying
in order to accommodate students who have no aptitude for mathematics or history.
All to soon these jokes became reality. And those students who couldn´t even pass a course in basket weaving were brought in on athletic scholarships if they could put a basketball trough a hoop (=Basketballkorb) Das ist Minute 04:30.


But this dumbing down of the universities wasn´t really the most important part
of the destructive work carried on there.

The key was our enemies gaining control
of the socialisation process at the universities.

This was even before television had become the
dominant opinion control medium that it is today.

Teenagers arriving at the university are somewhat unoriented and unsure of themselves. They are strange turf A few have the self confidance and inner strength to find their own way but most don´t. Most look to those around them for guidance.

The jews were the one coherent self-conscious group on most universities both among students and the faculty.

And they began dominating the discussions. Always very verbal, very pushy and outspoken. They made themselves heard while others kept their opinions to themselves.

With academic standards relaxed students had more time to spent in socializing activities.

By the nineteensixties these activities were firmly in the grip of the jews and their leftist collaboraters.

Incoming students were subjected to intense social pressure to conform their ideas and opinions to those of the jews and the leftists.

Political correctness became the prerequisite for social acceptance. And social acceptance was an overwhelming need for many students.

They could be made to spout any sort of nonsens or wickedness even to believe it if that would lead to acceptance and popularity.

I remember witnessing this phenomenon but it didn´t fully understand it´s significance at the time and so for the most part I kept my opions to myself.

I didn´t have time for a lot of socialisation anyway.
I feel guilty about that now.
I really should have spoken up much more loudly.
I should have encouraged others to speak up.
I should have organized opposition to the Jews and the leftists but I didn´t.

Mostly I went just about my own work.

Of course there were no "American Dissident Voices Broadcast". for me to listen to and to help me to understand what was happening and to encourage me to take a stand. You don´t have an excuse.

Das ist Minute 07:30


The Jews have been was ahead of the rest of us in understanding psychology
and the way it can be applied
the thinking and the behaviour of the people around them.

They used the same techniques of brain washing in the Soviet Union
back in the nineteentewnties and nienteenthirties
to control the non-communist majority around them

they kept everyone immersed in discussion groups
in worker education groups
in sensitivity training seminars
and the like
using a constant barrage of words
first to disorient people
and then to bring them into conformity
with which was politically correct.

They had dissidetns confessing to their own thought crimes in group sessions
pledging to bring totally correct thoughts in the future
and begging to be punished for their past errors.

The same mind control techniques
are used in cults today
to control the minds of the cult members.

People susceptible to this sort of socialization
can be made to believe anything and do anything
even to commit mass suizide in order
to receive and retain group approval.

It is in the universities where the Jews have used this socialization techniques to do the worst damage.

They have white students enthusiastically promoting programs aimed at the extinction of the white race.

When we remember the mass suizide of cult members at Jonestown a few years back
or more recently the mass suicide of the Heaven´s Gate cult members
in California this year
we should not be surprised that Bill Clinton
is cheered by groups of white university students
when he tells them that the end
the dominant European culture in the United States
is in sight.
Das ist Minute 09:47.
Jews of course are not the only ones able to use psychological techniques
capable of controlling the minds of cult members or universitiy students.

=== === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === ===
What´s needed is a group setting where these socialization techniques can be used,
group leaders with verbal skills adaequate to use the techniques effectively,
and a group of people sufficiently lacking in self-confidence and sense of self-worth
that they grave (lechzen, gieren nach, sich sehnen, inständig bitten)
acceptance by the group more than anything else.
=== === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === ===

(auf deutsch: ....)


Intelligence by itself is no protection
against this sort of mind control
even reasonablely bright people are susceptible
so long as the need for group approval is strong enough.

Women are more susceptible than me on the average
and the sort of whimpy .... men
we are seeing all too much on these days
are more susceptible than those with more normal glands.

But even men who seem strong and asserted
can be brainwashed by the sort of socialization techniques
used at American universities today.

I have in front of me a recent newspaper column
by a woman journalist, Gwen Dire,
which provides us a splendid example
of the sort of mind-set
which is formed by this socialization process.

She has a cool company start and she looks forward in her column
with greed and eagerness to a future in which her own race
will be extinct.

She exalts over the soaring rate of miscegenation in America
and the increasing influence of non-white Democrats
she is especially pleased by the fact that
white women who have served in the armed forces
where they are subjected to a brainwashing program
based on the same psychological principles
used by the Jews in our universities

and are exposed to a high concentration of blacks
in every facet of their daily lives
are seven times as likely to couple with a black male
as are women who have not had military service.

Her real hero after Bill Clinton is Tiger Woods,
the hopelessly mixed part Chinese, part negro, part white, part indian, all four
she thinks that it is just wonderful
that someone can have such a mixed ancestry
and still learn how to get the little white ball into the hole.

If mischlings can win golf tournaments, she believes,
why then obviously they can´t do everything else well.
She concludes her column with the gloating prediction
quote---"it will take another generation or two
but the old racist games are over
and the future is light brown." ---close quote.
Das ist Minute 13:00


It is to easy to dismiss this sort of anti-white raving (=Raserei) as a sickness.

Certainly Gwynne Dire and all who think like her are ideologically sick
but most of them were more or less a normal healthy people
before going through the socialization process I have described.

In most people
---the need to be accepted
---the need to be part of the group
---the need to be fashionable (= mit der Mode, mit der Masse mitzugehen)
is strong enough to overcome reason and instinct.

If such people are socialized in a healthy way
if their attitudes are shaped by leaders
who have healthy racial and social attitudes themselves
they will develop a healthy spirituality, a healthy racial ideology,
but when the socializing influences are jewish
we end up with desparately sick people like Gwynne Dire.

I began my comments today by saying
that it is essential for our survival as a race
that a great many of us have the moral courage to speak the truth,
to stand up for what we believe (=Martin Luther, Galileo)
in the face of the sort of sickness exemplified by Gwynne Dire and Bill Clinton

The Jews have suceeded in subverting our universities
they have suceeded in converting them
into factories for turnign out moral "basket cases" like Gwynne Dire
because I did not stand up for them back in the nineteenfifties and nineteensixties, I and many others who knew better.

As I said earlier I didn´t really understand the full significance
of what was happening back then but you who are listening now don´t have that excuse

It is essential to speak out because what Jews are doing with our young people
---is by no means inevitable
---it is by no means irresistable
---it depends for it´s success on there being no effective oppositon,
no credible oppositon.

The situation is very much the same as described by Hans Christian Andersen in his story about the emperorer´s new clothes.

As long as no one had the copurage to speak out the hoax worked

But when one little boy said aloud:
"Look, mama, the emporor is naked"
the bubble burst, the illusion was shattered, the hoax collapsed.

The Jews are able to persuade people to believe things that are contrary to (sense and instinct?)

because they are able to create the illusion
that everyone else in the socialization group already believes these things.

This illusion provides a strong pressure to conform

But when someone has the courage to stick a pin in their illusion they loose this advantage
Das ist Minute 16:22.


I have another newspaper column on my desk.

It is from the New Orleans Times Picayun which is part of the jewish Newhouse chain and it was written by a early socialized clintonista who was formely an editorial writer for the paper.

He now belongs to a group of socialized Christians in St. Petersburg, Florida. who have meen meating regularly for the past two years to keep each other appropriately sensitized in racial issues.

And they try to bring new members into their group and use socialization techniques ion them to bring them into conformity with the party line.

Well, they made the mistake of inviting a man to their group who has the habit of saying what he believes instead of want he think others want to hear.

It really broke the group up.

The columnist´s aim in writing this particular column seems to have been to show that there is still a lot of insensitivity in the white population which needs to be cured

He qoutes the dissident`s comments at the meeting. ... told the others the he didn´t see why the whites should apologize at the blacks for anything. Whites didn´t force blacks into slavery ... blacks were enslaved by their own kind in Africa and then sold to white or jewish slave dealers und brought to America, he told the group, and blacks today ought to be grateful for that. Tom said: "If their ancestors had not been brought to America the present generation of blacks today would be in Africa instead of America and their lives would be far worse."

Now, this is just the plain unvarnished historical truth but it is a political incorrect truth and the others at the meeting just couldn´t deal with it.

They went through the familiar hooting and wild groaning routine which is supposed to shame a dissident into changing his views.

They rolled their eyes back
and threw their hands up in exasperation
they gasped in disbelieve (="Schnappatmung", man kennt das ja)
that anyone could hold such bigotted views
but none of these techniques worked on Tom.

He just kept coming out with more truthes and he told them:
"I guess it must hurt some people to hear that, but it is the truth." Poor Tom. He just didn´t understand that the truth is the last thing
these people wanted to hear.

What they wanted was more reenforcements for the falsehoods and perverse ideas
which already had been imposed on them

One politically correct white man at the meeting told Tom angrily
I want to throw up. What you say makes me want to barf (entspricht dem deutschen "kotzen").

Another member of the group referring to Tom remarked with hatred in his voice:
He hasn´t learned anything.

A politically correct woman stared bitterly at Tom and said according to the columnist:
"Why is it that we have to take this from him
why should the people who are hurt always be the ones to answer with kindness
why do we have to keep opening our hearts up to bigots."

All of this hatred, this disapproval and conform directed at Tom
made him uncomfortable but he stood his ground
he refused or repend anything and
the others couldn´t cope with this unexspected behaviour.

The meeting broke up with some members wondering aloud
wether the races can ever live in peace.

Now, it is hard to say what effect Tom´s courage and honesty
had on this group on the long run.
Most of the members probably recovered from their shock
and begain admiring the emperor´s new clothes again.

They already had been to firmly socialized
and Tom was the only dissident among thirty-five true believers.

But Tom may very well have caused to one or two waiverers to rethink their position
He may have caused one or two of them to make contact with reality again.

And if Tom would have said what he believes to the whole group
from the time the group was formed
he probably could have prevented the flight from reality
of the political correctness for many more of the members.
Das ist Minute 21:20.


We have a similar situation at our universities today.

Not everyone is equally weak and eager to parrot the party line.

Many still have a bit of independence in them, a bit of respect for truth
All these waiverers need to hear is one little boy say:
"But, mama, the emperor has no clothes on."
All they need is one example of courage and honesty and
they will be able to resist the jewish brainwashing.

The lemmings of course, the people with no internal sense of direction at all
the ones who must have group acceptance at any cost
will still follow the jewish party line in many cases

But in many other cases the Jews will not be able to create the necessary illusion at all.
They will not be able to make even
the most impressionable and eager to conform young people
--- abandon reason and instinct and
---begin rooting (=im amerikanischen Englisch: durch Zuruf anfeuern)
for the annihilation of their own race.

And that, my frieds, will be a real accomplishment

---If you can, with the simple demonstration of courage and honesty, keep one other person from being socialized by the Jews,
---if you can open the eyes of one white woman and keep her loyal to her own race,
---if you can keep one young white man in touch with racial realities,

than your life will have been worthwile, your existence will have been justified

and if you and a lot others make a regular habit
---of standing up for the truth
---of standing up for what is right

we will spoil the Jews and Clintonistas and guarantee a future for our people.

We will ensure that
contrary to what "Gwynne Dire" would like
the color of the future will be white.

Thanks for being with me again today.
Das ist Minute 23:33. Das ist das Ende dieser Rede von William Luther Pierce.

Soviel für heute über Dr. Pierce. --- Hinweis: Wir können uns mit den "Gutmenschen" nur dann befassen, wenn wir überhaupt auf der Welt sind.
Wenn wir nicht auf der Welt sind, ist für uns alles bedeutungslos, weil es uns dann ja überhaupt nicht gibt. Wenn wir eine gute Welt wollen, auf der wir (=europäische Völker, weiße Rasse) auch vorhanden sind, dann müssen wir selbst dafür sorgen.

Es gibt nämlich durchaus Kräfte, die sogar auch vom schwedischen Staat in Stockholm geldlich gefördert werden, denen schon allein das Vorhandensein der europäischen Völker, der weißen Rasse, ein Dorn im Auge ist, und die dies dankenswerter Weise auch offen sagen.
Wohlgemerkt, das sind keine Äußerungen einer Außenseiterin, sondern das wurde in einem Staat am Mittelmeer öffentlich gesendet, offensichtlich war keinem etwas Besonderes oder Unangenehmes an dieser Aussage aufgefallen (aus deren Sicht gesehen). Es handelt sich um die Leiterin eines staatlich geförderten Instituts in Schweden, siehe den untenstehenden Kasten.

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