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Ein Film: Der Gutmensch als Volksmörder, dritter Teil.

Der Film "AntiRacistHitler" läuft an verschiedenen Stellen im Weltnetz.

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Der Film hatte in den ersten 20 Tagen weltweit rund 130.000 Klicks bei Youtube, dann wurde er am 8./9. Mai 2013 auf Youtube für Deutschland gesperrt, in anderen Teilen der Welt ist er weiterhin empfangbar. Es ist klar, daß wir von Youtube weggehen müssen, weil die öfter politischaufweckende Filme sperren.

In den ersten zwanzig Tagen waren auch Leserbriefe auf Youtube zu sehen, etwa 1000 Stück. Davon habe ich einige auf meinen Seiten 207, 208 und dieser Seite hier=210 gespeichert.
Oder man sucht über das Suchwort "AntiracistHitler" oder das Suchwort "" Bei diesen Suchwörtern findet sich so Einiges.


Veröffentlicht am 20.4.2013
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132.607 Klicks bis zum 8.5.2013 um 6 Uhr MESZ und 1.084 Leserbriefe, hier ab Nummer 72

Seit dem 8. oder 9.5. 2013 war der Film in Deutschland von youtube gesperrt. Der Film ist in Deutschland über "hidemyass" noch sichtbar.
dort die Filmanschrift eingeben.

134.469 Klicks bis zum am 9.5.2013 um 6 Uhr MESZ, keine Leserbriefe mehr sichtbar,
137.770 Klicks bis zum 10.5.2013 um 7 Uhr MESZ, Leserbriefe sind alle gelöscht.

Die Betrachter schreiben begeisterte Briefe.

Deshalb mache ich nach den Seiten 207 und 208 nun noch zusätzlich diese Seite 210.
Ausführliches Zusatzwissen über diesen Film siehe Seite 208. Hier folgen jetzt nur einige Leserbriefe von der youtube-Seite.

Der Film zeigt den Wahnsinn der Gutmenschensprüche auf, indem er diese wörtlich übernimmt und dann auf einen Kleinstaat am Mittelmeer anwendet und indem er zeigt, was aus den Gutmenschensprüchen folgen wird, ja unausweigerlich folgen muß.

Der Film bezieht sich um Minute 3:30 auf eine Rede von Frau Barbara Lerner Spectre. Dieser Film ist auf youtube, er wird ständig neu eingestellt. Man kann ihn mit Suchgeräten finden.
Mehr dazu auch:

Zuschriften der Youtube-Betrachter.
Die Zuschauer sagen des Wesentliche in kurzen Sätzen aus.

This is great, guys! Thanks for injecting just a little common sense in our world which seems to be completely lacking in ANY sense, common or otherwise.

That's the truth, which many westerners need to open their eyes for.

An excellent thought provoking satire.

This is the best thing ever.


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This video needs millions of views, I guarantee that millions of white people think like this, they just dont yet know how to express it or don't dare say it.

Why do you think 'white flight' exists in every single white nation on earth 'improved' by 'diversity'?

Because deep down, most whites realise exactly what 'diversity' means for them and what it brings to the areas they live in.

All those involved did fantastic art work. Yes, all of them!

Loved the Barbara Spectre speech bit.
Awesome video that makes a powerful point.

agreed 100%, from Poland

This video is amazing!

lol that video shuts every brainwashed anti-white up lol it is shortcutting the shit in their head.
share share and translate to your motherlanguages too

What an AMAZING piece of comedy, its actually really sad when you strip away all the satire imagine this really happening to someones country?




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I will type this slowly so that you can follow: Genocide is genocide whether accomplished by bullets, mustard gas or mass immigration and social engineering.

Great fun and so to the point. Excellent work! hats off to the maker

Moral of the story: Genocide is wrong, and if it causes the endangerment of an ethnic group through any way of decreasing the population of that ethnic group, it is genocide.

                        Das ist ein ganz besonders guter Beitrag.
The message in this video: Genocide is wrong, doesn´t matter what metod you use to get rid of a race of people, it's allways wrong.

Genocide is the WORST crime.

Israel actually has walls exactly like that, with guard towers. But no gates in them. Also double fences with razor wire. Google it.

This is a BASIC video that didn't teach me anything new but I guess its just a simple tool aimed at retards to get the point across.

...The video's message is that if an unreformed Hitler could achieve his goal of genocide via multiculturalism then multiculturalism is not a great set of ideas.

happening everyday in the U.S


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Ergänzung zum Trennbalken Nummer 3.
Ab sofort ordne ich die Beiträge andersherum. Je neuer der Beitrag, desto höher die Nummer.
Hier unten der Beitrag Nummer 26 ist vom 29.4.2013 um 4Uhr MESZ, die Nummer 27 ist neuer, und so weiter.

Ten minutes of pure genius.

This might be the best video I have ever seen on Youtube. Certainly it is loaded with more irony than any video ever produced. I salute everyone who was involved in the creation of this timeless masterpiece!

HAHAHAHA the part he sings.

I laughed, I cried, & I cheered. Bravo!!!
(am 30.4.2013)

Easily the best video of the year.

Brilliant and very funny.

The word for word quotation of Barbara Specter.

This is hilarious. Well done.

The streets of Tel aviv are flooded with illegal imigrants frome sudan and aritrea (I'm from Israel). And the stupid israeli media, instead of adressing the burning issue, is too bussy accusing the israeli population with racism and intolernce.

So this is how you GENOCIDE an ethnic group under the title "Love for ALL humanity."


Great video, share to your friends.

Das ist ein wichtiger Leserbrief: --- I used to believe that too: That the only way to have world peace was to eradicate all races, religions & languages of the world. Than I realized how utterly retarded that idea was. As long as there is ANY variation of complexion there would always be colorism/racism. Even if you completely 'entwined' humans once, it would only take 300years for populations to re-evolve distinguishing features. And another 300-500 years for the common language to diverge into distinct dialects. So whats the point?

Let´s aim for 1 million views! --- --- --- am 1.5.2013 um 6 Uhr MESZ

Yeah but look at all the wonderful new restaurants you have to eat at!


Non-white countries have immigration at their leisure and kick out foreigners as regular as clockwork, and NEVER ONCE has an "anti-racist" protested.
YET, When any White country wants to do the same, "anti-racists" DECLARE WAR!

This video is awesome, keep up the good work.

--- Eine gegenteilige Ansicht, solche Leute gibt es auch:---
Open borders are not genocidal.
These are the fallacious arguements of statists who fear their beliefs cannot sustain next to other beliefs.
Religious communities sustain in co-existence with athiests throughout most of the world.
These arguments are baseless and xenophobic.

---Einer, der meint, daß der Film über den ersten Teil der Geschichte des Hauptdarsteller geht, nämlich in den 1930iger Jahren bis 1945 ---
In this video, I see a man who committed atrocities in the name of "white people. I realize that all it is, is a video made by white people, to make a joke about that genocide, and try to get some sympathy- as in trying to say that they are being destroyed.
How can you try to claim? Genocide, when you take the actual genocide of others as a joke?
Dann kam die Antwort darauf:--- Thor Odinson, 2.5.20133 um 5 Uhr MESZ: --
There is nothing funny about WHITE GENOCIDE, the reason this video was made the way it was is because WHITE NORMAL PEOPLE have no outlet to speak out against the genocide of their race without being called a nasty HATEWORD. The Genocide of ANY race is not a joke.

That's the Barbara Spectre male version.

I love this video more and more every time that I watch it!

Diversity is death. --- am 1.5.2013 um 23 Uhr MESZ

--- von WhiteRabbitRadioTV: --- vom 2.Mai 2013 um 1 Uhr MESZ---
The comments must be moderated to meet Youtube's Community Guidelines/Standards. We are for free speech. But if this channel lets in one comment that goes against Youtubes Community Guidelines, the channel will be taken down. It is much easier to let the comments roll than to have to police them. We don't have a choice. Of course, our opposition whines either way. Keep the comments clean and appropriate.... keep out the porn links and foul language. Your comments will get in.
Yeah, it was funny. Nice video.

"Diversity" equals "White genocide" 2.Mai 2013 um 13 Uhr MESZ

                        Das ist ein ganz besonders guter Beitrag.
Some people obviously want multi-culturalism and diversity. I personally think those people are warped, but I absolutely respect their rights and wishes and feel there should be one or two neutral grounds created for those people to participate in the multi-cultural lifestyle.

But WHY is it multi-cultists can't respect OUR wishes for all-White preserved homelands like all other races have?

Why do WE have to go along with YOUR way and get called childish names like "racist" if we don't want to?

von Ruddagah, 2.5.2013 um 16 Uhr MESZ

MathildaSvS vor 10 Stunden =2.5.2013 um 21Uhr MESZ

This video is all about taking it to the extreme. I find it very unlikely that multiculturalism would go this far this quickly, and I think this video is a pathetic way to make anti-racism seem dumb.
Also love how this person's voice 3:57 has to sound really gay (because being pro-diversity = being gay = bad).
ALSO love how everyone acts like a fish shoal (Fischschwarm)in the commentfield.

westchesterny 3.5.2013 um 1Uhr MESZ
You do "get" that the uploader used real quotes from academics and so on in order to create the "dialogue," right? Some of the "taking it to the extreme" ideas are quotes from real-life academics, lol. That's part of why I think it was supposed to be funny, that the quotations were used. The uploader didn't write those things.
Das ist eine Antwort an MathildaSvS (#53)

Tanya Rass am 2.5.2013 um 21 Uhr MESZ
This is an extremely well contrived and produced video. It addresses the issue head on and reading the comments, has ruffled some feathers. Well done, lies cannot counter the truth and they don't like it.

Sockpuppet2012 3.Mai 6Uhr MESZ
None are so blind as those who WILL not see.

MarcusCMarcellus 3. Mai 18 Uhr MESZ
This is one of the most brilliant concept videos dealing with this issue I have seen. It should be sent to every delusional, well-meaning liberal across Europe and US. Using the quotes from that lunatic who means to transform Sweden into Brooklyn was excellent. Very well done.

Mortis Morgan am 3.5.2013 um 21 Uhr MESZ
This is one of the best videos on youtube!

Jarlsen Guttorm 3.5.2013 um 22 Uhr MESZ
Norway agrees.

Jarlsen Guttorm 3.5.2013 um 22 Uhr MESZ
                        Das ist ein ganz besonders guter Beitrag.
I couldn't have agreed more. This video also shut out many more nice aspects of multiculturalism, such as ghettos being made, the ethnic race groups being discriminated against (beaten up/harassed), local groups losing their jobs and radical religious groups popping up here there screaming for blood and revolution.

AlexRMSTITANIC am 3.5.2013 um 22 Uhr MESZ

                        Das ist ein ganz besonders guter Beitrag.
"I find it very unlikely that multiculturalism would go this far this quickly"...
Sorry to input reality into your comment, but multiculturalism is getting extremly out of hand not only in your country, but in Canada, France and the UK, just to name a few. Its only going to get worse if we do not stand up for our nations to keep the customs, culture and lifestyle unique to ourselves, and to stop feeding the ever more broken system that is multiculturalism.

steve8775 am 3.5.2013 um 23 Uhr MESZ
A conspiracy would mean that there were a 100-thousand-member- worldwide-meeting where everyone agreed to be anti-White.
The simple fact is, anti-Whites will be anti-White. They network, and that SEEMS like a conspiracy.

Thecimmerian bug am 3.5.2013 um 23 Uhr MESZ
Its really very simple. Hitler tried to genocide the jews by the historically accounted method and failed. He trys using the much better tactic currently employed in the ongoing genocide of all whites in all white countries presently. Londont capital of the tiny country of England is now 55% non-white. suuure its not happening.

James Smith am 4.5.2013 um 2 Uhr MESZ
A perfect satire on the sad reality facing each and every white country on earth. Keep up the good work. Hopefully a few who count will get the message and make a difference.

=== === === === === === === ===
Thor Odinson am 4.5.2013 um 7 Uhr MESZ
They opened pandoras box, the word is out, the gig is up, they can´t put the toothpaste back in the tube... but it sure is fun to see them try.

WE ARE SOOOOOO PROUD OF ALL OF YOU THAT MADE THIS VIDEO, you guys are the voice of the VOICELESS, for those that are afraid to speak their mind due to anti white policies that would cripple them personally, financially,and possibly get them attacked or thrown in prison.

And for all the time and effort you all put into this we simply want to thank you.
=== === === === === === === ===

Stefan Geke
By the way, although I support multi culturalism, I like to see a smart, well thought video of an opinion or with a good message, so good work doing it.

MagnusCattus 6.5.2013 um 2Uhr MESZ
It's not a conspiracy it's a matter of math. White people don't breed as much as others, and other races are being imported too fast to sustain or intigrate/assimilate them. There's no conspiracy here, afer a few decades the white countries will be gone. No, they won't just have gotten darker, if that were the case no one would care, the fact is a lot of people simply don't share the same values US/EU people, and when you tip the scale to the point they are the minority, their values will be too.

hablerz am 6.6.2013 um 8 Uhr MESZ
Look up the video on youtube called 'All wars are banker wars' .

Patrick Bendig am 6.6.2013 um 8 Uhr MESZ
Very well done. An ironic way to understand what's happening to us now Great vid.

=== === === === === === === ===
virus00 am 6.6.2013 um 9 Uhr MESZ
Yes, SOME do that, but the point is that for most immigrants
there are no jobs available, so they just fill up the space
and become an endless sinkhole for well- fare.
Muslims will be the fall of europe if we don't do something.
Trust me, I've seen what immigration does to neighbourhoods in france,
it turns them into useless ghettos.
=== === === === === === === ===

ss Luke Gibson am 7.6.2013 um 6 Uhr MESZ
Saudi Arabia is flooded with foreigners, however, they are not citizens, and are not having babies with Saudi women.? Saudi Arabia has an explicitly lined out racial hierarchy, with Saudis at the top, Indians and east Africans at the bottom.

sebastian klimek am 6.5.2013 um 9 Uhr MESZ
very very good video!

Lebron Chamonis am 6.5.2103 um 10 Uhr MESZ
A beast of a video! Congratulations to the White Rabbit Radio TV crew.

Dwayne Nvo am 6.5.2013 um 10 Uhr MESZ
google images: "saudi arabia football national team"


Der Film war vom 20.April 2013 bis 8. Mai 2013 in Deutschland frei empfänglich.
Ich hatte vorsichtshalber jeden Tag einige Leserbriefe gesammelt und abgespeichert. Das ist immerhin auch etwas.

Das ist die Anschrift des Films.

Mit dem Weltnetzbetrachter "Explorer", gestellt auf "inprivate" ist der Film zu sehen. Allerdings sind die Leserbriefe nicht mehr zu sehen.

Hier ist er noch sichtbar, allerdings wird die Massenverbreitung eines Films beendet, wenn man ihn immer wieder neu suchen muß.
Suchwort AntiracistHitler
Es ist klar, daß wir von youtube wegkommen müssen, denn dort werden solche Filme, die für unser Überleben wichtig sind, gesperrt.
Zum Glück ist die Welt groß, und es gibt außer youtube noch viele andere Möglichkeiten, Filme im Weltnetz zu sehen.














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Lukewarm Race War Series: Whitey Survival Guide, Part Six (Social Life)
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--- Hinweis: Wir können uns mit den "Gutmenschen" nur dann befassen, wenn wir überhaupt auf der Welt sind.
Wenn wir nicht auf der Welt sind, ist für uns alles bedeutungslos, weil es uns dann ja überhaupt nicht gibt. Wenn wir eine gute Welt wollen, auf der wir (=europäische Völker, weiße Rasse) auch vorhanden sind, dann müssen wir selbst dafür sorgen.

Es gibt nämlich durchaus Kräfte, die sogar auch vom schwedischen Staat in Stockholm geldlich gefördert werden, denen schon allein das Vorhandensein der europäischen Völker, der weißen Rasse, ein Dorn im Auge ist, und die dies dankenswerter Weise auch offen sagen.
Wohlgemerkt, das sind keine Äußerungen einer Außenseiterin, sondern das wurde in einem Staat am Mittelmeer öffentlich gesendet, offensichtlich war keinem etwas Besonderes oder Unangenehmes an dieser Aussage aufgefallen (aus deren Sicht gesehen). Es handelt sich um die Leiterin eines staatlich geförderten Instituts in Schweden, siehe den untenstehenden Kasten.

Aus gegebenem Anlaß: Sondermeldung.
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Zugriff über Anonfiles:

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