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Bekenntnisse des "Gutmenschen" Peter Hitchens.


Die älteren Gutmenschen haben ihr Lebensziel erreicht, die Überschwemmung Europas mit vielen zehnmillionen armen Menschen aus der Unterschicht der nichtweißen Länder. Nun versuchen sie sich aus der Verantwortung zu stehlen, indem sie scheinheilig eine Mitverantwortung zugeben. Ein Beispiel dafür ist Peter Hitchens. Seine Bekenntnisse fließen über von Krokodilstränen und zwischen den Zeilen kann man lesen, wie er auch heute noch die Normalbriten auslacht.

Sein Bekenntnis ist trotzdem wichtig.
Es zeigt nämlich, daß sich jetzt die Oberen der "Gutmenschen" von ihrem eigenen Werk absetzen. Der Grund ist nicht die Erkenntnis der Schändlichkeit ihrer Handlungen (das war im Grunde von vornherein, vom ersten Tag an klar), sondern die Erkenntnis, daß sie die Meinungshoheit verlieren und daß sie in der recht nahen Zukunft persönlich dafür werden bezahlen müssen. Deshalb rudern sie jetzt zurück.

Das Gute ist nun, daß man diesen Beweis auch dem "Gutmenschen"-Fußvolk zeigen kann. Und die sind sofort still und schreckensstarr, wenn sie merken, daß sie von oben bald keine Rückendeckung mehr haben werden und daß sie dann ganz allein, ohne die Meinungshoheit im Rücken, diesen Multikultimist verteten sollen und auch recht bald persönlich dafür die Rechnung begleichen müssen.

Das ist die Quelle im Volltext. Dazu gibt es Leserbriefe, die sehr gut sind. Von beidem bringe ich Auszüge hier, der Volltext bietet selbstverständlich noch wesentlich mehr.

Eine sehr ausführliche Besprechung des Aufsatzes von Peter Hitchens auf dem The Occidental Observer.

Mail Online --- Peter Hitchens`s Blog
01 April 2013 11:20 AM
How I am partly to blame for Mass Immigration

The following article, on Mass Immigration, its history and importance, was published in the Mail on Sunday on 31st March:

Das ist der Aufsatz von Peter Hitchens. Weiter unten kommen Auszüge daraus, und auf grauem Untergrund meine Anmerkungen dazu. Noch weiter unten kommen auf gelbem Untergrund in Auszügen die Leserbriefe dazu.

Diese Dinge bringe ich hier als Quelle zukünftige Untersuchungen in Geschichte und Politik. Es sind für die Wissenschaft sehr wichtige Zeitzeugnisse, die ich hier an dieser Stelle aufbewahre.

...Boston, Lincolnshire...

Der Aufsatz beginnt: Hitchens kommt in eine englische Kleinstadt, und diese hat sich sehr verändert. Er spricht über Russen, Esten, Letten, Polen, Portugiesen.
Mein Hinweis: Er spricht gerade über diejenigen, die den Engländern am ähnlichsten sind, das ist Absicht. Gerade an die will er in allgemeiner Form die Schwernisse mit der Überfremdung anhängen.

...the event has happened.

The greatest mass migration in our history has taken place.

The newcomers are lawfully here.

They have the jobs, live in the houses, use the NHS.

Their children are in the schools.

Come to that, they are paying tax.

Our leaders only had to go to Boston, any time in the past five years, and they would have known.

But all our leading politicians were afraid of knowing the truth.

If they knew, they would at least have to pretend to act.

And the truth was, they liked things as they were.

And it was at least partly my own fault.

When I was a Revolutionary Marxist, we were all in favour of as much immigration as possible.

It wasn't because we liked immigrants, but because we didn't like Britain.

Das spricht für sich selbst.

What did we know, or care, of the great silent revolution which even then was beginning to transform the lives of the British poor?

To us, it meant patriotism and tradition could always be derided as 'racist'.

And it also meant cheap servants for the rich new middle-class, for the first time since 1939, as well as cheap restaurants and - later on - cheap builders and plumbers working off the books.

It wasn't our wages that were depressed, or our work that was priced out of the market. Immigrants didn't do the sort of jobs we did.

They were no threat to us.

Das beschreibt seine Einstellung als Mittelklasseangehöriger. "our" bezieht sich auf die Mittelklasse und "they" sind die Ausländer.
Meine Meinung: das ist nur vorgeschoben, es war doch alles von Anfang an vollkommen offen sichtbar.

I now believe that the unreasoning hatred comes almost entirely from the liberal Left.

...The screaming, spitting intolerance comes from a pampered elite who are ashamed of their own country, despise patriotism in others and feel none themselves.

...They long for a horrible borderless Utopia in which love of country has vanished, nannies are cheap and other people's wages are low.

Diese Aussage ist bemerkenswert.

... You and your comrades have started a process decades ago, a process which now has grown enormously, and the inertial forces of it will continue making effect, no matter how remorseful you are now. You cannot stop the final downfall, no matter how childishly you talk about "the most beautiful and blessed plot of earth on the planet."

The only thing you can do now is to start thinking of a new beginning once all this multicultural cataclysm has reached its climax, and make sure that the future generations of still remaining brits will no longer get infected by those ill ideas you and your "educated and brilliant" comrades fell prey to.

Lenin already had a name for this kind of people. He called them "useful idiots"

And he also said that "the intelligentsia are not the brains of a nation, but the faeces of a nation". Anybody can search for this on wikipedia.There it is.

Posted by: Hermes | 07 April 2013 at 10:54 AM

Hier beginnen jetzt die Leserbrief-Auszüge. Sie stehen auf gelbem Hintergrund.

Multiculturalism is bloodless genocide no matter how you spin it.

If defending your identity, homeland, culture, traditions and ethnicity is racism, then I am a racist. I am a Han Chinese man who has lived in a multiculturalism society for 21 years, and I can see absolutely no benefits to it. White Britons, like people anywhere, have the right to maintain their own distinctiveness without being made to feel guilty for being "intolerant."

Solidarity with nationalists worldwide.

Posted by: xiaofang | 06 April 2013 at 03:18 PM


Twelve years ago, I would have been outraged by this article from Peter Hitchens. To someone like me, then as now a socialist, these sorts of views were held only by bigots with a deep-seated prejudice against outsiders.

I would have employed all the old arguments that we socialists trot (pardon the pun) out:
  • multiculturalism is a wonderful thing, mass immigration has broadened our horizons and brought economic benefits,
  • we should support the free movement of labour just as capitalists support the free movement of capital,
  • all immigrants are working-class allies in the fight against the ruling class,
  • Britain has always been a magnet for immigration, etc.
But I have changed my mind. And the reason I changed my mind is because I experienced first-hand the consequences of my arguments...

Der Leserbrief geht noch lange weiter.

This is not a Mea Culpa.

Hitchens is A-Ok with virtually unrestricted third world migration to the UK. As soon as other Europeans (mostly like us and fully capable of assimilation) arrive he's complaining. He's not changed his stripes if you read between the lines.

Posted by: Dan | 04 April 2013 at 01:18 PM

Sehr gut beobachtet!

Like all men, Enoch Powell had his faults. Unlike all men he also had some great strengths.

Enoch Powell , unlike Mr. Hitchens, actually cared about the ordinary Britons displaced by this lunacy. Mr. Powell, again unlike Mr. Hitchens, had the backbone and moral fiber to stand up and be heard on the truth of these issues although it cost him dearly.

Mr. Hitchens remains ever a coward, unable to utter the most obvious solution to this mess. The wound he helped strike into British society may well be fatal but there is still time to try to salvage some bit of British civilization and t ry to maintain it. Looks like only the BNP have the moral and backbone to utter that solution.

American society is in total decay and we can never have our country back in a civlized state. Do something before Britain suffers the same oblivion.

Posted by: American Watcher | 03 April 2013 at 07:59 PM


That should have been:

There are more Pakistanis in Britain then there are Latvians in Latvia so don't be too hard on the Latvians...

Posted by: Lorenz | 02 April 2013 at 05:46 PM


...Because if we are honest, even if it's not the other races we hate, which in my case it certainly isn't, what I do hate is them being here *in such numbers.*

Posted by: Spartacus | 02 April 2013 at 04:03 PM


(our?) cultural adherence to tolerance, fair play and support for the underdog has been exploited by our enemies to the extent.
Gaining our Land back is argumental.
Not a forgone conclusion.
Posted by: mikebarnes | 02 April 2013 at 03:29 PM


"It is the supreme function of statesmanship to provide against preventable evils." -- Enoch Powell

Posted by: Steve Sailer | 02 April 2013 at 06:50 AM


I have to disagree with this:

"Their greatest ally has always been the British Tory politician Enoch Powell who, in a stupid and cynical speech in 1968, packed with alarmist language and sprinkled with derogatory expressions and inflammatory rumour, defined debate on the subject of immigration for 40 years."

The fact of the matter is, anyone who said anything and had a large public profile would have been vilified by the Left and used as public hate figure, no matter how temperately they expressed it. By the standards of the time when we had greater free speech on such matters, Powell was in fact moderate, just an Englishman speaking his own mind in his own country. It is only Left-wing hysteria through the controlled media which made it a big deal. Maybe radical students thought it was, but the majority of the ordinary public agreed with him.

Immigration has caused untold damage beyond the obvious problems of cultural degradation, competition, overcrowding, territorial displacement etc. Why, I've lost count of the number of times that I've simply been unable to understand the other party while doing business. I wonder how much this has cost us in the long run.

The problem is all this has gone to far in my opinion for an easy solution. If the revolutionaries had been nipped in the bud at their inception while still students it could have been halted, but now we're just in a mess.

Posted by: William | 01 April 2013 at 02:38 PM


Das waren die Auszüge aus dem Aufsatz von Peter Hitchens und die Auszüge aus den Leserbriefen dazu.

Soviel für heute über die Grünen und die "Gutmenschen". --- Hinweis: Wir können uns mit den "Gutmenschen" nur dann befassen, wenn wir überhaupt auf der Welt sind.
Wenn wir nicht auf der Welt sind, ist für uns alles bedeutungslos, weil es uns dann ja überhaupt nicht gibt. Wenn wir eine gute Welt wollen, auf der wir (=europäische Völker, weiße Rasse) auch vorhanden sind, dann müssen wir selbst dafür sorgen.

Es gibt nämlich durchaus Kräfte, die sogar auch vom schwedischen Staat in Stockholm geldlich gefördert werden, denen schon allein das Vorhandensein der europäischen Völker, der weißen Rasse, ein Dorn im Auge ist, und die dies dankenswerter Weise auch offen sagen.
Wohlgemerkt, das sind keine Äußerungen einer Außenseiterin, sondern das wurde in einem Staat am Mittelmeer öffentlich gesendet, offensichtlich war keinem etwas Besonderes oder Unangenehmes an dieser Aussage aufgefallen (aus deren Sicht gesehen). Es handelt sich um die Leiterin eines staatlich geförderten Instituts in Schweden, siehe den untenstehenden Kasten.

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