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Robert Whitaker hat einen Weltnetzgesprächskreis über das Weiterbestehen der weißen Rasse. Seine Hauptaussage ist: "Wir wollen leben. Aber gegenwärtig findet ein Volksmord an uns statt. Und zwar indem alle weißen Länder auf der Welt mit vielen Zehnmillionen nichtweißen Menschen überflutet werden. Das müssen wir ansprechen, denn es wird oft verschwiegen."


Der Blog bietet in seiner Ausgabe vom 29.1.2013 eine Vielzahl von Leserbriefen mit sehr bemerkenswerten Erkenntnissen. Einige Gesichtspunkte füge ich noch hinzu, mit Rücksicht auf die us-amerikanischen Leser in der englischen Sprache. Falls es jemand von den deutschen Lesern auf Deutsch haben möchte, das kann ich auf Wunsch noch nachholen. Ab hier beginnt der englischsprachige Teil.

To the readers of Bob´s Blog: From here on this site is written in the English language.

1. --- Pre-word.
Bob´s Blog is very good. The thread of 29th January 2013 is extremely good. I want to give my remarks to this thread and to this blog, but I do not want a too long text in Bob´s Blog. Therefore I have made this site.

The first thing: Thank you very much, Robert Whitaker! Your work and your blog are a gift for the whole mankind.

Second: Below some words to some commenters of the said thread.

2. --- #18 by OldBlighty on 1/30/2013 - 12:39 pm

Always, the anti-White tries to shift the argument to the individual, while we are talking about the Genocide of an entire RACE.
We are talking about 100´s of millions of people and they want to change the subject to individuals. ...
"Good point, Old Blightly!"

3. --- #26 by Karlfried on 1/30/2013 - 3:14 am

The question of race mixing marriages is difficult from many viewpoints. I suggest not to overemphazise this topic. I think that it is not a winner-subject for us. We should concentrate at the main point: the evil side wants to kill or exterminate the white race!

If weself speak about “forced race mixing” and the truth is, that not each and every race mixing is by force of the guns (for example two people of different races fall in love to each other and subjectively think that was their own free will) than we have made a sentence that can be easily contradicted by some obvious examples. Weself have overplayed our cards and we have presented a cheap point to the evil side. — We have the truth at our side. There is no need that we say to much or that we give a chance to the evil side that they can contradict us.
That is my own comment at Bob´s Blog.

4. --- #27 by Jason on 1/30/2013 - 4:44 am

We don’t like the term “race mixing” because there is not a mixing of the races going on, it is just the White race being bred out of existence. All the other races will continue to exist.

Genocide does NOT require outright killing. That is a key point of the Mantra. The UN Treaty on Genocide makes that clear, as did the man who drafted the genocide laws. It’s important that we not fall into the trap the other side sets for us. They will say, “Well, if it is genocide, where are the death camps?”. That is NOT required for it to be genocide.

Forced assimilation is a key component of genocide. If you flood a population with oceans of immigrants and then pass laws that force assimilation, to the point the original population is dramatically reduced, that IS genocide.
I agree. If you look at the two persons, at this aspect it is mixing, what if you look at the whole picture, white race would dispear by this method whereas other races would not disappear. Because this recipe is large scale only applied in white countries.

5. --- #28 by dungeoneer on 1/30/2013 - 7:36 am

“The question of race mixing marriages is difficult from many viewpoints”

With respect Karlfried, a mantra thinker should see it as a simple matter of ensuring white survival.

If whites can`t refuse to accept it and all that entails without demonization and reprisals there is no “freedom to choose”, it is just another anti-white lie to facilitate genocide.

6. --- #65 by daedalus on 1/30/2013 - 10:45 pm

I don’t believe this is ‘unimportant’.
As I move and speak around about, seems to me that the supposed ‘heritage’ that is a bedrock between white people is generation by generation being ‘obsoleted’.

Consequently, even your own children are becoming propositional people … and since everyone is alike what is the deal.

Anyone that has ideas and methods of actually interacting with those under 50 clue us all in…
Daedalus, I try to give some answers.
I am German, farmer, 56years old, father.

It is a natural thing that we older people look at the youth and say: "They have lost some part of the good old behaviour." But 30 years later the than-old-formerly-young will say the same thing about the then-youth.

Please be not hopeless about the normal feelings of the greatest part of mankind. In Germany we have a realistic stone sculpture of a German woman, made around the year 1200, now 800 years old. And it looks exactly the same as the young girls of that very German city of today.
Please compare the pictures.

Picture one is Uta von Naumburg, the life-realistic sculpture made in the year 1200.
Picture two shows many girls from Naumburg in the year 2010.

Be astonished and be glad about this.
This is our past as a white race and very similar will be our future.
The multi-culti-religion is a religion of death and betrayal. Some people are making profit from this for some time, but no one can fool the whole mankind for a long time.
In Germany the "Multi-Kulti-Religion" is on a very fast decline.

They have had relative success during the past 40 years, but now the negative results can be clearly seen and therefore they have lost. They are going to have the same fate as the "Communism-Religion". Same thing will be in the USA. Nature and natural feeling will win in the end over a silly brainwashing propaganda. In the end, life and nature will win.

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I need more of you - - - Bellamy Brothers

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Volksmusik --- Bettina & Patricia --- Jung und Frech

Barcelona (Live) - Freddie Mercury _ Montserrat Caball'e

Barcelona (Live) - Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé - 1988

Countrymusik= Volksmusik: Jeannie C. Riley - Harper Valley P.T.A.

Swedish Saint Lucia celebrations 2

Christmas - Santa Lucia Sweden

Queen - We are the champions, live

Queen - We are the champions, live


Andere Filme.
Sanna Nielsen, Stilla Natt
Händels Messias in Toronto in einem Einkaufszentrum im Jahr 2010.
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Help Me Make It Through The Night.

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Susan Raye - L.A. International Airport

Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers - Islands in the stream

Dolly Parton - 9 to 5

The German Helmet

Die heutigen Kinder in Naumburg im Vergleich zur Uta vor 800 Jahren.
Ein Bild vom Kirschenfest in Naumburg an der Saale. Die Kinder sehen heute, 800 Jahre später, genau so aus wie die Uta von Naumburg in dem Standbild aus dem Jahr 1250.

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