Ein politischer Aufsatz.


Im Weltnetz erhält man Kenntnisse und Wissen von vielen Seiten.
Insbesondere auch über die Dinge, die sehr wichtig sind, aber von unseren bisherigen Zeitungen und vom Staatsfunk bewußt oder unbewußt nicht gebracht werden.

Aus der großen Menge der Weltnetzbeiträge ragen dann einzelne heraus, die auf besonders gelungene Weise in klaren Worten einen Sachverhalt darlegen.

So einen überragend klaren Aufsatz bringe ich im Nachfolgenden. Es handelt sich um einen langen Leserbrief eines Verfassers "Lambsdorf". Ich bringe diesen Aufsatz als ein überragendes Beispiel für klares politisches Denken und für einfache, klare, höfliche Sprache.

Quelle: , dort bei den Leserbriefen.

Eine Nebenbemerkung von mir:
Der in dem Zeitungsaufsatz beschriebene Professor Kevin Mc Donald hat sich in seiner Lehre zuerst mit dem Verhalten von Wölfen befaßt. Das erinnert mich an Konrad Lorenz und Irenäus Eibl-Eibesfeld, die sich ebenfalls mit dem Verhalten von Lebewesen, Tieren und Menschen, befaßt haben.

Eine zweite Gruppe von Wissenschaftlern umfaßt Enoch Powell und Revilo Pendleton Oliver. Diese beiden waren Sprachwissenschaftler für alte Sprachen wie Sanskrit und haben sich auch zum Verhalten von Menschen geäußert.

Ich sehe das so, daß diese Menschen sehr klug waren und das haben sie mit ihrem wissenschaftlichen Lebenslauf gezeigt. Und sie waren so sehr auf das Gute hin ausgerichtet, daß sie sich nicht auf ein enges Fachgebiet beschränkt haben, sondern daß sie ihr Wissen und Können weit darüber hinaus auch genutzt haben, um der Menschheit Gefahren aufzuzeigen, die man schon erkennen kann, die aber aus (unterschiedlichen?) Gründen nicht benannt werden.

Die Bezeichnung dieser Menschen als "Sprachwissenschaftler" oder "Verhaltensforscher" greift zu kurz. Es sind allgemein sehr kluge Menschen, die auch von sich überzeugt sind und die ihren Teil dazu beitragen, daß wir als Menschheit weiterleben können und sie bekämpfen die todbringende Traumtänzerei, die uns heute als Ziel der Welt vorgespielt wird ("Gutmenschen", Multikulti, Dritte Welt soll nach Europa kommen, das sei toll usw.)

Der Leserbrief von "Lambsdorf"

Abschnitt 1

I write concerned about the fate of the US, the Jews and the World.

Jews are smart at some things, very stupid at others and average on most. As things stand now some of the things Jews are good at are good for Jews and the World, others are neutral and others are bad for the Jews and the World.

Of course, this applies yo other peoples too, the differebtiating factor is the influence Jews have in the US. Ifluence gained through hard work and intelligence to obtain it, but that does not mean the influence is intelligent or good.for the US and even for the Jews in the longer term.

I believe the first thing we must do, Jews and non Jews see each othet as intelligent and certaunly no see Jews as possesing supetior overall intelligence. Only from a equal to equal argumentation can we discuss everything that must be discussed, including the permanent danger of the break out of violent antisemitism.

First of all, most of the highest contributions Jews made never were made in a Jewish society but in advanced societies created by others, this means Jews have never been able to create a whole society more advanced than the most advanced non Jewish societies. For example, Israel was far behind the ancient Greeks in every cultural, ethical, scientific, democratic aspect you care to compare.

Israel now is behind Scandinavia, Japan and a several other countries in most every parameter you care to measure. Anyone who visits any scandinavian country, Germany, Switzerland, most Anglo Saxon countries, even France can certsinly see those countries are far cleane, have higher standard of living, are better organized, more peaceful, cleaner than Israel. It s obvious Jewish creativity, whatever that means does not include creativity to create efficient, well.organized societies, history proves it.

Abschnitt 2

I will point out a few important things Jews did not create.

The alphabet
The industrial revolution
Classical music
Most inventions that changed the world
The compass
The rule of law
The declaration of human rights
Water treament
The automobile
Steam engine
Diesel engine
Rocket engines
The airplane
The olympic games

Nor have Jews been able to develop a stable long lasting country, although they have a long history and, presumably, had opportunities to do so. A Jewish country could have been now the oldest country in the World, a better alternative to being at the mercy of the "barbarians".

Now that Jews have Israel yet have been unable to create a society that is a light to the nations. In every measure Israel is way behind acandinavia, germany, japan, canada and a few others, in spite.of the millions of dollars it receives from the US and German government and donations from Jews around the World.

In spite of the fact that Israel is surrounded by murderous enemies Jews are unable to be united. Even a religious Jewish nut killed their prime minister. Something that Al Qaida could only dream of.

Even in education, Israel is behind the leading countries. In a way Jews remind me of the Harvard business school, full of articulate professors, some of them Nobel prizes, all teaching others about business, yet Harvard Business School is far behind Toyota, Google, GE, Mercedes Benz and many othe well run companies in the way it runs itseld and its people in terns of productivity, motication, labour relations, etc. Just to give an ezample, a fellow like Lawrence Summers could never rise to the top in any of those because their screening processes would filter him out as unfit for lack of common sense. So Jews produce icredibly articulate ideas yet those ideas are not practical or the Jews themselves are unable to practice the. It seen you can "know" a lot about something, yet ignorant of the key knowledge to apply it or perhaps what you "know" is not knowledge but clever words put together, just like the ancient Greek Sophists.

Abschnitt 3

The naivete goes much further, unfortunately; Is it not naive to have the existence of Israel dependant on the support of the US and on the pressure the US jewish community exerts on US politicians? How long will Israel last if Americans turn on the Jews? And, remember, ALL nations end up persecuting Jews, since the Pharaohs it is a recurring event.

Is it not naive that so many Jews are hipercritical with basically all American traditional social values such as traditional family, traditional sexual habits, American history, the American anglo-europeans, American leaders, American business, American industrial leaders, American religious beliefs, etc., ctitical of the country that wellcomed.them and gave those Jews unimaginable.opportunities? Yet many they produce a never ending stream of books, movies, tv serials, the Simpsons, characters like stupid, pig headed, racist Archie Bunker, etc., etc.? Should not more responsible members of the Jewish community silence them or get some common sense into those people. I am thinking of people Bill Maher or Noam Chomsky.

It is naive such behaviour because, even if the intention of such criticism and satire was just to generate laughs or improve America, the end result is a generalized demoralization and dumbing down of America.

We have now extremely degrading and dumb tv reality shows who cater and enhace the human tendency to throw away the rules and self destruct society.

Is it not naive to use the intelligence of those Jews to such ends?

Abschnitt 4

So, let us not take the notable Jewish skills in some areas, as well as their condition as outsiders able to "look in " for superior intelligence.

Being outsiders allows Jews to look at things in new ways, and this aplies to everything; from the ability to set up new business in areas which are taboo for the host culture, such as pornography, to Einstein's ability to look at physics in a new way, to other useful ideas like Freud's and very stupid ones like Marxism (no matter how brilliantly articulated, an idea can be 100% non sensical. Marxism is only one example, the Earth-centered Universe was another one. Hate to say it, but the idea a superior being we can not grasp, know or understand, called Moses to the Mountain, to give him the answer to everything, and yet be so ineffective on Jews and orhets is laughable. Personally I prefer the idea of the Ancient Greeks, not.modern Greeks; we have to use our brains to figure out the World, the Gods only have answers for things we can not figure out)

We must bear in mind also the Jewish condition of outsiders makes them pretty naive in other areas. For example, the thinking up of Communism by Karl Marx, as a way to set up a new society, what a flop!. Again, one of the most persuasive stupid ideas mankind ever came up with. An idea that flies in the face of human nature and because of that led directly to the deaths of tens of millions.of people around the World and still enslaves North Koreans, Cuban and others.

I will give Jews all the credit as social critics once I see Israel head and shoulders above the rest of the nations, not quite below the best, as is the case now, and even that level reached thanks to exterior help, in spite of having access to the the huge European market. Much more merit have Japanese, Taiwanese or New Zealanders, who manage to create prosperous stable societies far away from everybody else, specially tiny New Zealand, an example of stable democracy too and far better place than Israel to live by most socioeconomic parameters.

Abschnitt 5

Was it not naive to try to create a country based on the unrealistic idea of the kibbutz, in a culture as individualistic as Jewish culture.

Is it not irrational and inhuman that to this day in orthodox areas of Israel, they will physically attack your car and you.if you drive on the Sabbath? How can you pretend to have a stable democratic society with people like that and with governments that allow such aggression?

I will leave out for now the "idea" that mutilation and suffering of a baby is necessary to make him "one of us"....

Is it intelligent to have a religion that drives people to such extremes in the xxi century?

By the way, is it not true Israel ows its development to skills jews acquired directly in the US and in industrialized European societies, from electricity to democratic values. Where would Israel be if its population were predominantly North African Jews?

Is it not naive of Jews not to see the parallels between today USA and pre-nazi Germany; lots of creativity in all areas, Jewish and otherwise, for good and not so good, from Nobel Prices to the most dehumanizing reality shows, the rich becoming richer while the midle class and the poor are worse off by the day and America edging closer to a great economic and social catastrophe by the day?

Abschnitt 6

Is it not naive of the Jews not to see that millions of Americans resent the influence of those American Jews in all American policies to help Israel, even ahead of America's own intetests?

This goes from providing Israel with thousands of millions of dollars to Israel and Egypt, while millions of Americans die early for lack of proper healthcare or are undernourished. Not to mention some wars of debatable benefit to the US and that may eveb enhance resentment of non Jewish Americans of all races and religions towards Jewish Americans.

Sure liberal Jews support universal health care in the US, but that requires money. Does it make sense that Israel has universal health, possible in part because of all the official and private US aid, yet the US, the country donating thousands of millions of dollars to Israel does not?

Is it not naive of Jews and of Israel not to realize millions of Americans resent trying to free an anti American like the Jewish spy Pollard? Is it not naive not to realize something similar happens with the double Israeli-US nationality the US allows to its Jewish citizens?

Is it not naive of Jews not to see.that resentment by the majority towards the minority will always end up with bad consequences for the minrity? Is it not naive not to learn from the past? Do Jews really believe that energetic condemnation of nazism, erecting Holocaust memorials, producing movies and books about the Holocaust so the World feel guilty, really protects them? Do not they know guilt and shame easily will turn into anger and aggression yo those who makr others feel.guilty, as a survival mechanism?

Abschnitt 7

Is it not naive of Jews not to see that the larger their influence and power in the US is, the closer we get to that point of anti Jewish aggresdion, because there is no way that the 2% of the population can prevail forever on the 98%, no matter how much money, how astute and articulate, how well meaning they are? I have no doubt that the vast majority of Jews do not mean to harm the US or create enemies, unfortunately, often good intentions do not create good results in the real world.

Do not Jews realize that non Jews can be impressed by the achievements of many Jews yet, at the same time resent, for exampls, Jewish influence on US politicians? I mean, how naive can Jews be?

Can not Jews see the humiliation it represents for the US nation to have its presidential candidates essentially swear support for Israel as a precondition to becoming elected?

How can they be so unintelligent so as not to realize their influence and behavior in trying to protect themselves and Israel brings them closer to disaster?

Can anyone doubt that if Israel were populated by Germans or Japanese, for example, it would be more prosperous, better organized, more productive, better educated, etc.?

Anyone who visits Germany and Israel can see Germany is far more prosperous, without receiving millions of US aid, and way better organized, cleaner, with less crime, etc. Forget it if I mention Switzerland, Denmark, etc.

Abschnitt 8

Jews have developed a way of lifey that places them at the mercy of others who regularly kill, persecute and expel them. That is not an.intelligent strategy, no matter how innocent you are when they murder you. It would be a stupid strategy for an attractive girl to walk alone at night wearing a provocative dress in certain areas of almost any city, no matter hiw guilty the rapist turns out to be, she remains raped and suffered the trauma, and no prison term and suffering guilt of the rapist will erase her suffering. She obviously would be insane and even blamed if she chose to again walk dressed in the same manner at the same hour in the same neighborhood. She would be considered imprudent, insane, someone who considers suffering that can be avoided ab ethically superior life. To me such suffering is inmoral, goes against life.

Jews have been unable to develop a way of life that ensures they are truly accepted and respected by the host societies and unable to understand what triggers antisemitism in essentially all countries sooner or layer. The Jews strategy of defence is irrational because it limits itself to condemn the antisemites as irrational, sick or mad, a mad strategy to fight against mad people by insisting they are mad. Unlikely to get a good reaction. Like that extraordinary Jew, Einstein said, "madness is to keep doing the same things and expect different results". It applies to science and

A strategy of bkaming and suffering which the long history of Jews and the World shows does not work over and over. Not to celebrate Passover and cry over the Holocaust or blamin the nazi beasts, the Pharaoh, the Romans or the Spanish Inquisition, instead of trying to understand the processes that drive others to murder Jews en masse or to look thr other way while it happens. How can Jews be disliked to such extremes, what is it Jews do or do not do that turns people off so much along history?

Even right now, Jews naively believe somehow remembering the Holocaust and making Gentiles feel guilty about antisemitism will protect them. How silly! Most of the Holocaust memorials, books, movies and so on are built and kept because Jews move things, not because of Gentiles.

Abschnitt 9

As far as most average gentiles go, not one memorial would have been built. Even Auschwitz would be a farm or a subdivision by now as far as most non Jews care.

Right now Jews are blind to what is happening in the US. The country is disintegrating before our eyes, antisemitism is rising, yet liberal Jews continue to spew out a never ending stream of books, articles, movies and so on that is destroying America's self belief. More conservative Jews keep putting Israel ahead of America. Both postures work against the Jews.

Jews also do not want to face the fact the Germans do not want them back. They rather pay the Jews for the nazi crimes than having the Jews back.

Jews are also naive at sensing when antisemitism will break out and often are caught flat footed when it does.

How smart is to believe there is a God all powerful, all knowing yet so lazy...

Abschnitt 10

No doubt thete are many bright Jews in many activities. But even Einstein could not have achieved much if he had not been educated in non jewish Germany, etc.

So, let us start by dropping all the garbage about Jews being "smarter". It will be healthy for Jews and for non Jews that Jews, instead of blindly condemning antisemitism as irrational sick evil, try to understand what drives whole societies to dislike or be indifferent to the fate of Jews when aggressive fanatics like the nazis reach power. It is stupid and will, again, be tragic, not to do that. But.perhaps this is the most deeply rooted naive Jewish idea; always "them" not "us", an idea as unrealistic as you can get, never mind all "brilliant" works trying to prove Jews are innocent and the rest are primitive evil.

By the way, is it not naive to choose to live among people who, history shows, sooner or later will turn antisemitic? What do Jews achieve by insisting they are right and on their ways, other than persecution? All the achievements of Jews in those societies over the centurirs are not worth putting at risk one single Jewish or non-Jewish life.

Antisemitism is basically the result of the need each people has, just like Israel today, to rule its territory and will fear and resent the risk of losing it and act violently to regain control. Whether the perceived "othet" is someone throwing bombs at us over the border or someone within that is perceived as not bein loyal to "us" or loyal to some outside group or country, makes no difference.

Americans may not turn on the Jews, but Jews know it may. Not smart to hang around with Damocle's sword over your head.

Abschnitt 11

Of course, Jews, at least many Jews who consider themselves true Americana and for whom helping Israel, etc., are sensible actions, will be caught flat footed when his neighbours turn on him. In fact, many Americans have ALREADY turned on their Jewish neighbours but the conditions are not there yet to prompt them to action against Jews. Many still fear Jewish influence and being labelled or accused formally or informally of antisemitism. The American extremist antisemites alrady speaking up and others not so extreme like Helen Thomas, are just the tip of the iceberg.

In more normal social situations it is estimated that for each person who speaks up against something some 10 others feel the same. In this case, considering the sensititvity and fear to speak up against Jews, the ratio is likely to be.much higher. We see the tip of the shark's fin, but there is a huge shark below swimming towards the Jews in America. Right now is just.swimming around slowly in circles, now and thems quickly changes direction, but is not ready to attack yet.

Yes, I know, it seems far fetched all this, just like it did to Jews in Egypt, Babylon, with Roman, when expelled from England, Spain, persecuted in Russia, Poland, etc., right to that night when the nazis.smashed the windows of Jewish shops throughout Germany...

Jews are also naive to believe the Holocaust protects them. Jews are disliked and distrusted by millions more today around the World than at the time of the Nazis. Do not forget that the most murderous antisemitism happened in present times either. As Jewish influence in the World grows so grows antisemitism.

What do the Jews think the Chinese, Indians, Moslems, Christians will do once they face, again, the situation where Jews, the tiny minority, have great influence on the affairs of the World and start to produce a never endind stream of hiperarticulate constructive and destructive social criticism, at which Jews are brilliant? You know the answer.

My impression, Jews are extrenely bright at some things, extremy dumb at other things and average at most things.

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